2013 MAM donate to ‘The Neighborhood School’

Please join with your family as we visit the Memphis Neighborhood school(http://bcamemphis.org/) to give our donation of $3,700 towards the education of the children.

Donating: $3700
Date: Wednesday, Feb 5th at 5 pm
Location: Memphis Neighborhood School
175 Tillman St, Memphis, TN 38111

Look forward to seeing you there.

2013 MAM Board

About Memphis Neighborhood School:
A Private school (elementary 8th grade) serving the needy Children within the Local community
NO major support from state or federal government with the exception of the ONLY afternoon meal provided by the TN state government and few small grants Current school structure is a 2 storied old office building converted into a school, situated on the road side between walnut grove road and poplar road on the Tillman street intersection The school is servicing the poorest kids in the neighborhood, coming from low income family and refugees.

Currently enrollment is 137 children between the age of 7 to 14, including Sudanese refugees with no English language background, only Arabic.
A small dormitory on either side of the school provide boarding to 15 girls and 15 boys
Financial details:
The Schools annual budget is 1.2 million to cover the operations, salary, maintenance, kids needs etc
80 percent of 1.2M come from individuals like each of us in this community (An individual pays 400K every year)
20 percent comes from few local churches in and around Memphis (12 to 14 percent) and 6-8 percent comes from few grants (5 to 9 based on budget availability and approvals)
They are always on the run to find the 1.2 million less the 400K which the above mentioned individual provides
They welcome any thing which can be used for the school or kids
It can be from the list on their website (http://bcamemphis.org/)
They welcome every dollar provided by individuals
Give in Cash so that it can used for salary, or operations, maintenance or utilities
Help in small projects, services, maintenances with our time and hand & tools, just like we do for the food bank
They love evening Dinner with children. Meals can be prepared and taken over to school for Dinner with the children and our families.