Privacy Policy for mobile apps

Malayalee Association of Memphis (MAM) is a registered non-profit association (State of Tennessee) with a focus on providing volunteering and charitable opportunities for our members.

MAM website and iOS/Android Apps are created to showcase Malayalee Association of Memphis and as a convenience for its members. Members can access latest/past event information and mark their attendance to upcoming events.

  • To serve members better, technologies like cookies, unique device identifiers are used.
  • Members would need their already registered login credentials to access the member section of the App/Website.
  • On permission, iOS/Android app can notify users of upcoming events. Notifications can be turned off using the settings menu of the App.
  • To make sure members use the latest app version, app/device information such as MAM app version, unique device identifier, and MAM member login name (if signed in) are used by the MAM data server.