2012: Newsletter

Dear Friends:
We propose publishing a bi-monthly e-newsletter on behalf of the Malayalees Association of Memphis (MAM). The purpose of this newsletter is multifold.

  1. It gives us an opportunity to keep everyone posted of developments, achievements, successes and changes in our community as well as issues that affect our community.
  2. It gives our children an avenue to express their creativity in areas such as writing, editing, photography, illustrations and design.
  3. Given that the newsletter will reach all the members of our community who collectively have a buying power of approx. $10 million, it gives us an opportunity to raise funds for the activities of our association through advertisements and donations. We hope that such funds will help us make a greater impact on the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.

Please be on the lookout for the first issue of the e-newsletter which will arrive shortly. We have had an overwhelming response from children and adults alike wishing to contribute to this venture. We are thankful to each and every one of you.
Best Wishes
Balaji Krishnan
(MAM, President).