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Kerala Flood Relief


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Disaster in Kerala

The flood situation in Kerala has paralyzed normal life for millions of people. The majority of the population has been affected, and thousands of victims are in desperate need of relief supplies.

Kerala received heavy monsoon rainfall in August 2018 resulting in worst floods in nearly a century. It killed 300+ people, displaced over a million more, and damaged property worth USD 3 billion. The state received 257% more rainfall than usual, filling all the dams and reservoirs to  capacity.

Official estimates show about 6,000 miles (10,000 km) of roads have been submerged or buried by landslides, and the international airport in Kochi (a major hub)  has been closed until August 26th. 52 rescue teams of central forces including units of the Indian Army, Indian Navy and National Disaster Response force are assisting the civilian administration in rescue and restoration efforts. The downpour continues and the death toll is steadily rising.

Videos from Kerala

namukku orumichu neridam....paramavadhi sahayam ethikkoo...

Posted by Anil Kumar on Friday, August 17, 2018

Images from Kerala

Submerged Bridges

Aluva – Marthanda Varma bridge is situated in busy NH 47 Highway and connects two major cities Thrissur and Kochi. Overflowing flood waters completely stopped the traffic on this route.


52 Central rescue teams were involved in the rescue operations including Indian army and navy teams

Submerged Neighborhoods

Unrelenting rains forced authorities to open all the dams and reservoirs in the state which resulted in overflowing rivers and submerged neighborhoods.

Land Slide

Landslides caused by heavy rain wreaked havoc across the state, crushing several buildings and killing several people

Kochi Airport

The services at the Kochi international airport, which is among the busiest in India, have been suspended till Aug 26 after flood water inundated the runway

Rescue Operations

A fleet of 96 aircraft was deployed for the rescue operations using Kochi Naval airstrip as the base

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